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International Breastfeeding Week

1st – 8th August 2017

International Breastfeeding Week takes place every year to raise awareness of breastfeeding and how it benefits babies and mums.

Our theme in Halton this year was “realistic expectations”. Breastfeeding isn’t always plain sailing. Our events brought mums, partners, families and communities together to help each other through the tough times and celebrate the successes.

This year we held events in Widnes and Runcorn where mums could bring their babies and meet other parents and children.

On Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd, we held celebrations at Ditton Library in Widnes and Halton Lodge Children’s Centre in Runcorn.

The main event took place in Heath Park on Friday 4 August where we organised a Big Latch On. At 10.30am, mums and babies started a synchronised feed.

The event started in New Zealand in 2005 but has grown and is now a global event. It’s a chance for mums and their families and friends to come together and show their support for each other.

Take a look at some of the pictures from our events below!