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Over 40 mums and their babies were invited to a special baby friendly screening of Beauty and the Beast this week at Cineworld Runcorn to mark the venue’s appointment as a Breastfeeding Friendly venue in Halton.

At the screening this week at Cineworld, the volume was lowered, lighting left on and space was provided for buggys and prams. Friendly staff were also on hand to help parents directing them to changing facilities and holding doors.

The Health Improvement Team runs the Breastfeeding Friendly scheme which has over 100 local venues including cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops signed up. Many new mums don’t feel confident about breastfeeding when out in public, but these venues will make women feel comfortable and ensure they won’t be challenged or made to feel uncomfortable.

Kirsty from Runcorn heard about the screening through the breastfeeding support group at Halton Lodge Children’s Centre. She said,

“We were talking about never being able to go to the cinema and Emma, another mum from the group approached Cineworld to see if they would set up a baby friendly screening “

Lydia added,

“I feel confident to feed my baby at the cinema as we are all in same position and if our babies cry it’s not an issue.”

Natalie Starkey from the Halton’s Infant Feeding Team presented the Breastfeeding Friendly Award to Cineworld Manager Paul who said,

“We are really happy to have this award, families are welcome here and we will support any breastfeeding mums so they can comfortably feed their baby at our cinema. Hopefully we’ll be seeing lots more of these screenings!”

Interactive Facebook Chatbot launches to help new mums

Parents who came to the screening were also given details of a new Facebook service launched recently to help breastfeeding mums. A new interactive chatbot can be accessed through Facebook’s messenger. The ‘Start4Life Breastfeeding Friend’ (BFF) will guide new mums thorough their first weeks of breastfeeding and help them breastfeed successfully by providing personal support for mothers at any time of the day or night.

You can access the Start4Life BFF in a number of ways:

  • Visit m.me/Start4LifeBreastFeedingFriend or click on one of the Start4Life Facebook ads and if you have Facebook Messenger installed, you’ll be taken straight to the app to start your chat.
  • Open the Facebook Messenger app and search for Start4Life Breastfeeding Friend in the search bar at the top of the app.
  • Visit facebook.com/Start4LifeBreastFeedingFriend and click Send Message underneath our cover photo.

For more information visit nhs.uk/start4life/breastfeeding  

You can find out more about how the help and advice the Halton Infant Feeding Team gives to parents here.

Natalie Starkey from the Halton Infant Feeding Team greets mums before the screening