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Introducing Solid Foods

FREE help for parents who want to introduce solid foods to their babies


Introducing Solid Foods

Introducing Solid Foods Sessions

Our team runs FREE advice sessions for parents who want to find out more about introducing solid foods to their babies.

6 months is the recommended age to start introducing solid foods to your baby and we can help support you to do this. Before you start introducing first tastes to your baby come along to one of our FREE sessions for advice and tips on how to get started.

You are welcome to bring your baby with you and you can also bring a partner or friend or family member along for support – just let us know when you book your place if you’ll be bringing anyone with you.

Our sessions for are as follows:

 Upton Childrens Centre
All Saints School
Hough Green
Brookvale Childrens Centre
Woodhatch Road
Warrington Road Children's Centre
Naylor Road
Halton Lodge Children's Centre
January08/01/2018 1.00-2.3024/01/2018 10.00-11.30
February19/02/2018 1.00-2.3007/02/2018 10.00-11.30
March05/03/2018 1.00-2.3021/03/2018 10.00-11.30
April23/04/2018 1.00-2.3011/04/2018 10.00-11.30
May14/05/2018 1.00-2.3023/05/2018 10.00-11.30
June18/06/2018 1.00-2.3006/06/2018 10.00-11.30
July09/07/2018 1.00-2.3025/07/2018 10.00-11.30
August20/08/2018 1.00-2.3008/08/2018 10.00-11.30
September10/09/2018 1.00-2.3026/09/2018 10.00-11.30
October15/10/2018 1.00-2.3010/10/2018 10.00-11.30
November05/11/2018 1.00-2.3021/11/2018 10.00-11.30
December10/12/2018 1.00-2.3005/12/2018 10.00-11.30

Pre-booking is essential so please call us on 0300 029 0029 to secure your place. 

You can find more information from these websites:

First Steps Nutrition Trust

Start 4 Life

For more information about introducing solid foods to your baby, download and read our booklet. Click the image to download the PDF.

ISF Booklet