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Case Study

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Exercise on Referral offers one to one advice and support to people who want to become more physically active in their daily lives – whatever their age, ability or health. The programme is particularly aimed at people with long term conditions such as diabetes, lung disease (such as COPD), cancer, stroke, back pain and heart disease.


Angela from Widnes took part in our Exercise on Referral programme to get fitter and healthier after knee surgery.

How did you hear about the Exercise on Referral service?

My therapy assistant recommended it and nurse specialist referred.

Why did you come to the service – what were you hoping to achieve?

Following total knee replacement surgery I felt I needed a structured programme of activity. I hoped to achieve increased mobility, weight loss, increased energy levels, improved self-esteem.

How has your life changed since you started the programme?

I have lost a total of 10lbs in weight and my waist measurement has reduced by 8cms. I have much improved mobility, increased fitness and energy, less back pain, improved sleep and self-esteem.

What are you doing differently now than you were before?

Much greater emphasis on healthy eating dedicated time activity in gym greater interest and awareness of health issues (TV programmes, online forums), walk for much longer period of time.

How will you keep up your new healthy lifestyle?

I have found that activity logs, food diaries and regular monitoring of weight and blood pressure works well for me and will continue to do so.

Would you recommend us to your friends or family?

Unreservedly, yes!

I have been very impressed by the efficiency of the service. Staff have been professional, caring and organised. The level of motivation and support has been excellent.