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Age Well Exercise Case Study

Phyllis from Runcorn

“My life has changed completely, life isn’t about what I can’t do any more, it’s about what I can do!” – Phyllis Dawson

Phyllis from Runcorn was referred to the Halton Health Improvement Team’s Age Well Exercise class in March 2017.

“I used to be really active in my job as a cleaner, but when I retired, I quickly put on weight and went downhill. Then I needed an op on my knee.

“For the next 2 years I hardly moved out of bed. I couldn’t move much and was in so much pain, I didn’t want to go out and I got very depressed. I got to the point where I knew I couldn’t go on like this, so I asked my doctor if she could help me. She referred me to the Age Well Exercise class, which I started in March 2017.

“I get very anxious around new people but Janet and Sandra who run the classes are great. When I started I was sure I couldn’t do the exercises they were showing me, but they just said to do what I could. So I tried and every week I could do a little bit more. They gave me exercises to practice at home and now 9 months later I’m stronger, my walking is so much better and I feel much more positive now. This time last year I was bed-bound. If you knew me then and saw me now you wouldn’t think it was the same person. Life is not about what I can’t do any more – it’s about what I can do!

“I’m not depressed any more and I don’t live in the past either – it’s all about keeping moving and staying positive.

“I’m sad that I’m coming to the end of the course, but I’ve already started to go to other local exercises classes including Tai Chi twice a week and I see a personal trainer twice a week. I’ve lost weight too which has really helped me.

“Coming to the class has given me so much more confidence and I cannot thank Sandra, Janet and Kerry enough for all the help they have given me, they are wonderful!”

Sandra from the Health Improvement Team says “Phyllis’s attitude to the class has been so positive, that’s why she’s done so well. She kept trying and to see how she’s come on in the past year has been great, she is right to be proud of what she’s achieved!”


Keeping active is key to staying fit, mobile and independent as you get older. Our Age Well classes offer gentle, easy exercises to improve stability, balance, coordination and strength to reduce your risk of falling.

For more details speak to your GP or call 0300 029 0029.

L-R: Janet Woodcock, Health Improvement Team, Phyllis Dawson, Sandra Jones, Health Improvement Team