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Breastfeeding Ambassador - Lee

Read Lee's story and why he's become a breastfeeding amabassador

Above: Lee and his daughter 

Meet Lee, one of our Breastfeeding Ambassadors.

“As a Dad, I wasn’t sure how I could support my partner to breastfeed ” 

Before the girls were born Charlotte and I had discussed methods of feeding at length. We combined both Charlotte’s experiences from having my Step-Daughter Olivia and what method she felt comfortable doing, with how I could be included in the feeding. We explored different bottles, breast pumps and looked into how we could store breast milk.

I was unsure what my ‘Dad’ role would be in regards to feeding the baby and it was new challenge, we researched the whole idea of breastfeeding, what it would involve and how I could participate with the feeds. There is plenty of information online such as the NHS early years website, which talks about the nutritional benefits along with the bond it encourages between mum and baby. Social media was really helpful as I could read other people’s experiences which reassured me that my role in breastfeeding was important.

We has some early teething problems, the baby didn’t latch on properly in the beginning and the times of feeding sometimes clashing with mealtimes making it difficult for Charlotte to eat and rest. It was mostly emotional support, reassuring Charlotte she was doing all she could. Just getting a drink and snacks while she’s feeding is often a great help, or so I’m told…. It is all about working together.

I’m a complete convert now,  I was sceptical about breastfeeding at first, but I suppose people usually are with new things. Once I began to see the weight gain and read all of the benefits, it further strengthened my support for Charlotte, but also other Mums feeding in public whether that be on a train or in a cafè. You know it’s the best natural way for baby to feed.

For any other Dads to be that are worried about breastfeeding, don’t be afraid. Go for it. Support Mum 100% so you are a team. There are ways that Dads can be involved in feeding such as expressing milk further down the line, but don’t forget things like bath time, taking the baby out for a walk or having skin to skin.  It all helps us Dads to build a good close bond with baby and gives Mum that extra rest time… you will be in the good books!

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