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Breastfeeding Ambassador - Lily

Read Lily's story and why she's become a breastfeeding amabassador

Above: Lily and her son Robin

Meet Lily, one of our Breastfeeding Ambassadors.

“I felt a failure for wanting to give up” 

My son struggled to latch on from birth, after 2 weeks of breastfeeding my nipples had become sore, cracked and began to bleed with every feed. I lasted a month without telling anyone how much pain I was in as I felt a failure for wanting to give up. I had lots of support from the Infant Feeding Team and my partner was really supportive of my choice to keep going.

But my family in particular were great and advised me to get a breast pump. So I exclusively express fed my son for 5 months, struggling with milk supply and not being able to go anywhere without a breast pump strapped to me. I wanted to spend time with my son instead of sitting and pumping all the time so I attempted to latch him back on to my breasts daily, however by this point he had started struggling with nipple confusion.

I carried on expressing because I knew it was the best thing to give to Robin and I wanted that bond with him that everybody talks about. I did lots of research each day and watched so many videos trying to get him to latch. I attended breast feeding support groups in Widnes and Runcorn, it helped to speak to other Mums.

At 5 and a half months old and with a lot of attempts and failures, my son latched on himself, it was tricky at first as he was used to the speed flow from a bottle, but after a few days and the odd bottle of expressed milk, he was amazing, I’ve been breastfeeding him since with not one bottle used, he’s now 7 months old.

Feeding Robin is so much easier now; I can actually go out and not have to worry about bringing any bottles or a pump. We had an amazing bond anyway but I feel closer now that we have a physical latch, he’s happier and much more content.

I’m not a confident person and I don’t like boasting about myself but I’m secretly so proud of myself for sticking with breastfeeding and overcoming our challenges together.  Anyone who is struggling should know that it does get better; there is so much help out there. Access it. Lots of other Mums are going through the same thing; you aren’t on your own.

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