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Breastfeeding Ambassador - Steph G

Read Steph's story and why she's become a breastfeeding amabassador

Above: Steph and her daughter Eliza

Meet Steph G, one of our Breastfeeding Ambassadors.

“Me and my baby struggled to get a good latch”

Before having Eliza I did not know there was such a thing as the right latch. I just knew I wanted to breastfeed. At the beginning I did not know if Eliza was latching or if she was feeding.

I thought it would just happen, and when it didn’t I thought it was just me. Because of issues with latching I got cracked nipples and I showered wearing a bikini as my nipples were so sore. I had days were I thought I would give up and give Eliza formula as I thought it may be easier, especially when I was trying to keep up with appointments. There was days when I would make a bottle of formula but I didn’t give her it, because I didn’t want to give up. My dad even told me to stop because he didn’t want to see me struggling. I was lucky because my partner was so supportive throughout and told me I was amazing.

I was supported by Halton’s infant feeding service, some weeks they came to visit every day, we worked together overcome the issues and feeding became easier. There was a turning point when Eliza could move her head more and seemed to understand what to do; feeding is now pain free and enjoyable.  I wouldn’t change the journey as I have achieved what I really wanted to do.

Going to breastfeeding support groups helped and kept me going. I would say to other mums if they want to breastfeed it is hard in the beginning, but don’t give up, get help and it is worth it. My older daughter (age 7) knows that Breastfeeding is normal and doesn’t think it’s unusual at all. I feel proud that I have breastfed.


Breastfeeding can be a struggle for many women. Our ambassadors have chosen to share their breastfeeding experiences, the negatives and the positives, to help other women and show that with help and support it can be a rewarding experience.

Our Infant Feeding Service is here to support you contact 0300 029 0029 or email HIT@halton.gov.uk 

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