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Breastfeeding Supporter - Donna and Aimee

Read why Donna nominated her daughter Aimee for our breastfeeding supporter campaign

Above: Aimee and Donna

Meet Donna and Aimee.

“Aimee encouraged me to feed in public”    


From day one she has been so proud of me breastfeeding her little sister.

She was the one who encouraged me and made me feel like it was totally acceptable to breastfeed in public. I thought if a teenager isn’t embarrassed (as we all know how easily they get embarrassed) then I shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed. She also was a massive help even down to helping me while I was expressing in the early days.

She’s also got an amazing bond with her little sister especially with her being at the birth. I would definitely refer to her as a breastfeeding champion going and telling all her peers and even some teachers in school about how amazing and natural breastfeeding is and how magical it is regarding the changes it makes if a child gets ill. She in fact wanted to do a talk in her science lesson regarding this fact.

I know wholeheartedly one day she is going to make an amazing mum and hopefully will be happy and comfortable to breastfeed in public making it the norm.


It meant that mum felt as comfortable as needed to be to be able to give my little sister the best start. I would just say go for it it’s the most natural thing in the world and it’s free!!!!

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