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Breastfeeding Supporter - Emma and Joe

Read why Emma nominated her partner Joe for our breastfeeding supporter campaign

Above: Emma, Lily-May and Joe

Meet Emma, Joe and Lily-May.

“My partner Joe has been my biggest support”    


My partner Joe has been my biggest support. Without his support and encouragement we wouldn’t have made it this far.

He sat in at the prenatal breastfeeding workshops taking it all in. He supported me while I spent the first three days in hospital trying to get her to latch on. I desperately wanted to be comfortable feeding before I left hospital.

After the first visit from Michelle at the feeding team, Joe started learning more about breastfeeding and researching so he too could help ensure she was latching ok and understand the stresses I would go through. He was my rock through those early yet relentless days of feeding. He would bring me drinks and snacks, pop my favourite tv shows on. He would ensure I was eating and drinking, so in a way he was feeding Lily-May!

When I suffered with mastitis, he sat through the lack of sleep with me, took me to the Dr, made sure I had my medicine on time and I don’t recall him moaning about it. It would have been so easy to say “let’s just switch to formula” but that was never a sentence that was uttered.

He tells me, most days, how proud he is that I’m breastfeeding Lily-May. It makes me feel amazing knowing I have had his support 100% since day one.

We are a week off 20 months now. 6 months exclusive at the start and 14 months of on demand. He has said he hasn’t ever felt pushed out or jealous of the bond I have with her as he has created his own boob free bond with her from day one!


Helping Emma through the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding helped me to understand the reasoning and importance of the benefits breastfeeding has on the development of my little girl. There will be some difficult times, and it can cause a strain on a relationship, but you have to remember that you’re in it together.

The support you can offer to your partner to help them break through the tough times is worthwhile in the long run, not just for your little one, but you as a couple.

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