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Breastfeeding Supporter - Laura and Sophia

Read why Laura nominated her daughter Sophia for our breastfeeding supporter campaign

Above: Sophia, Laura and Jude

Meet Sophia, Laura and Jude.

“I didn’t feel confident to breastfeed outside”    


I have 3 children and have breastfed them all. I am currently still feeding my youngest son Jude who is 9 weeks old.

I love breastfeeding and have always seen the benefits of it however with my other two children, I didn’t feel confident to do it outside even in breastfeeding friendly establishments.

I always regretted feeling this way and the limitations it put on me for how I conducted my daily routine, always having to make sure i could get home in time for the next feed.

This time around with Jude, I was determined to break down the insecurities I had regarding feeding in public.

Luckily this happened and all thanks to the support of my 6 year old daughter Sophia.

Her initial curiosity into why her little brother wasn’t being fed a bottle like the babies on TV lead to a genuine nurturing instinct where she asks ‘has he latched on’ and ‘is he OK’, ‘do you need anything Mum?’.

She will pass me drinks, nappies anything I need whilst feeding Jude but most importantly when we are out in public she will help relieve the awkwardness of getting comfortable to feed Jude outside and insist on covering my modesty with a muslin square or blanket.

She will stroke his head whilst he is feeding and just genuinely check we are both ok.

Her attentiveness to me whilst out in public has made me feel confident to do something I have been desperate to do with my other children and I am truly grateful.

I would therefore like to nominate my daughter Sophia aged 6 as the best breastfeeding supporter.

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