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Breastfeeding Supporters - Victoria, Chloe and Ruby

Read why Victoria nominated her daughters Chloe and Ruby for our breastfeeding supporter campaign

Above: Chloe (8), baby Heidi, mum Victoria and Ruby (5)

Meet Victoria, Chloe, Ruby and Heidi.

“Chloe and Ruby have been a huge help to me”    


Chloe and Ruby have been a huge help to me and Heidi since the day she was born. The girls have always been there to help out and this makes me so proud of them!

Chloe (age 8):

I am proud of my mum. I support her because I know she is feeding my sister the best milk for her and making her healthy.

Ruby (age 5)

I like helping out when mummy is feeding Heidi. I do things like making my own bed.

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