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A fall took away my confidence and I was frightened to go anywhere – now I’ve got my life back!

A Widnes lady said she went from a “busy, happy, family person” to a shell of herself after having a fall, until a GP put her in touch with the local Falls Prevention service delivered by HBC’s Health Improvement Team.

Anne from Widnes told us

“I had two and a half years of hell and was in and out of hospital. I had one fall, which then led to another and another as I became unsteady on my feet.  No one seemed to know why I was falling or how they could help me.  The injuries turned into other ailments and before I knew it I had lost all my confidence and didn’t want to go anywhere. I stopped holidays, outings; anything that required me to walk anywhere, I was scared.”

Anne’s husband explained how they had been an active couple, always out and about and how he watched his wonderful wife disappear into someone unrecognisable.   Then finally a GP put them in contact with the local Falls Service

“Anne’s GP told us about a Falls Prevention class that could help to build Anne’s confidence on her feet and build her strength to help her become steady again”

This was the beginning of the future for Anne and Joe, Anne said

“I finally feel like I am up and running again, I have met lovely new people and haven’t had a fall since I joined the class.  We have even booked a little coach holiday this summer.  I have got my life back again, it’s wonderful. I want everyone to know about the classes as they are brilliant, I am so grateful.”

For more details of our Age Well Exercise programme call us on 0300 029 0029 or speak to your GP.