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Workplace Case Study

Hatton’s Model Railways – Widnes

“I’ve never experienced a company that provides such incentives for staff”

Widnes-based Hatton’s Model Railways have collaborated with Halton Health Improvement Team (HIT) to launch a campaign to promote team member hydration awareness.

A 4-week programme aims to improve the wellbeing of the 70+ strong workforce, helping to keep them hydrated and healthy whilst at work and home.

Hatton’s, which was established in 1946, has invested in Tanita body composition scales which produce detailed data not available through conventional scales. All staff had their body composition reading taken, which involves standing barefoot on a set of scales for just a few seconds – this provides a hydration percentage, as well as other metrics not available with traditional scales.

After a month, body composition readings will be taken again and employees can learn how they have improved or maintained their hydration.

To incentivise this initiative, the company is providing prizes for those who show most improvement and also provided every staff member with custom water bottles and the option for branded polo shirts, aiding them to stay cool in the heat.

Richard Davies, Managing Director, said:

“The importance of helping our staff to be comfortable & healthy in the workplace is a crucial part of our ethos. Investing in our peoples’ general wellbeing enables all functions of the business to perform at their best and has helped to increase morale across departments. Many people know it’s important to be well hydrated, but not so many actually understand why. This programme will hopefully increase understanding and awareness.”

Hatton’s has also worked with HIT to offer free health checks for staff, providing them with an insight into estimated lung age, blood pressure levels & diabetes early-warning checks.

Gabrielle Holt, Helpdesk Assistant, said:

“I’ve never experienced a company that provides such incentives for its staff. It goes a long way to helping us feel more comfortable at work and really brings us together as a team.”

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From left to right: Julie Williams (Halton HIT), Richard Davies (Managing Director of Hatton’s), Christine Hatton (Chair of Hatton’s) and Andy Edwards (Halton HIT).