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Get checked Case Study

Halton Housing

““Getting checked can save your life” Ian Campbell

Ian is a plasterer working for Halton Housing. In 2012, Ian noticed a brown mark under his finger nail. In his job though, it’s common for him to take knocks to his hands and not being one to visit a GP, he thought nothing of it.

A few weeks later he took another knock to the same nail but this time it turned black. Then it broke and Ian noticed it had started to smell. Again, assuming it would sort itself out, he left it alone. However, it didn’t and the smell got worse.

Finally he decided to visit his GP who referred him to a specialist at the hospital. They decided the best plan of action would be to remove the nail and knit it back together, which they did. Over time it started to look better and Ian went back to the hospital to have the stitches removed.

During this appointment, Ian was told that he had Malignant Melanoma – skin cancer. This meant that they would have to amputate his thumb and remove lymph nodes from the inside of his arm.

Ian was devastated and, as expected with any cancer diagnosis, feared the worst.

Within 3 weeks Ian had attended various consultations and undergone the operation to remove his thumb and lymph nodes.

Ian says; “I was worried about taking time off and losing money at work. I had to get my mortgage put on hold for 3 months while I went through my op and should have been off 6 months to recover. I only actually took off 3 months as I was conscious of having to pay my bills. But in the end life is more important than bricks and mortar.”

For the next 5 years, Ian attended check-ups every 3 months and he was told if he found any additional lumps or abnormal moles that he would be seen immediately.

Thankfully Ian has been all clear for the last 6 years and is keen to share his story and experiences to avoid anyone else putting off getting themselves checked. He adds;

“If you notice any lumps, bumps, moles or freckles that look different or unusual, don’t think that your a big hard case or that it will never happen to you. Don’t worry about the time off, get yourself checked because skin cancer does happen and can kill you. Getting checked can save your life!”

Halton Health Improvement Team offer cancer awareness training to workplaces, community groups and individuals in Halton.

We also attend events across Widnes and Runcorn where we offer advice and information about how to Get checked.

For details, call 0300 029 0029 or email HIT@halton.gov.uk

Ian Campbell, Halton Housing