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Case Study

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Sencie from Widnes

Phil, 72 from Widnes

“Quitting smoking has kept me out of hospital”


It’s never too late to get diagnosed and take control!

Phil, 72, from Widnes was a smoker, but quit with help from our Stop Smoking Advisors when diagnosed with COPD.

“I have always been very active and as a younger man played football, golf and ran a lot.  I was always outside doing the garden, building things and generally being busy.

“Then one year when I was on holiday, I kept struggling with my breathing and thought “this really isn’t right”.  Then towards the end of the two weeks, when we had gone for a walk, I simply couldn’t breathe.  My wife told me that I needed to take it seriously and get checked out when we got back to Widnes.

“I went to see my GP who did a simple and painless lung function test that required me to breath into a spirometer.  He told me then and there that I had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD or Lung Disease).  I was shocked and scared as my father had died from lung disease and I really wasn’t ready for hearing the results.

“But after some reassurance and advice from the hospital on how to breathe easier and a mix of medications to help my lungs work better, I felt so much better and confident that I was going to manage this.

“My next priority was to give up smoking.  I was never a heavy smoker but loved a cigarette with a drink down the pub or would go for a walk and have a cigarette when I was feeling a bit uptight.  My GP put me onto the Halton Stop Smoking Service, where they offered me FREE support and advice both at home and at Widnes Market where they have market day drop-in sessions.

“I realised very quickly that if I wanted to stay out of hospital and manage my COPD so that I could enjoy my life with my family and friends that I really had to give up smoking.  It was hard, I won’t deny it, but now I am smoke free and fit and well. I play golf, spend time with my grandchildren regularly and my wife and I love going on holiday. I now understand when I have done too much and make sure I listen to my body and slow down.  But stopping smoking has kept me out of hospital, I can’t say that strongly enough.

“My advice to anyone is, don’t ignore your breathlessness, get it checked out.  And if you have already been diagnosed with COPD and are still smoking, visit the Halton Stop Smoking Service, they were excellent, so supportive and friendly.”

If you want to stop smoking contact the Halton Stop Smoking Service on 0300 029 0029, for FREE support and advice across Halton.