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Sencie from Widnes

Above: Sencie after completing Fresh Start in 2015

Sencie from Widnes

Above: Sencie before she joined our Fresh Start programme

Sencie’s whole family has benefited from her time on Fresh Start!

“I love Fresh Start and if it wasn’t for this group and the staff I would never have had the ‘get up and go’ to change my lifestyle, not only for me but my whole family. We are all living a much healthier life style. Thanks to the staff for help and support, I love the way it is set in a group it makes you feel like you’re not on your own.

“For 10 weeks we did 45 mins nutrition a week this really helped as we do label reading which helps us know what to look for in our goods as at a quick glance this can be deceiving so it helps to know about the things to look for, Also portion sizes and eating the right types of food that are going to fill us up for longer and are a healthier option.

“We also had tasters every week. This was brilliant because they showed us a better healthier option of how to cook our favourite food but with less calories. If we ever needed or wanted our own healthier options they would try their best to get us a recipe.

“We also did 45 mins exercise a week which got us up and motivated to do something more, it gives you more energy and helps to lose weight. You feel so much better after exercise.

“The next steps program is brilliant if you want to keep up with your hard work and the staff are still there for help and support whenever you need it.”


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