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After two very difficult years in and out of treatment, Sure Start came to see me. The lady was really lovely, but I just wasn’t interested as I had lost a lot of confidence. But my husband persuaded me to try it with him and I am so glad we did, oh it was brilliant!

Everyone on the trips are so friendly, we’ve been to lots of places for afternoon tea, shopping and lunches. We recently went to the Adelphi in Liverpool for a three course meal; we couldn’t believe how cheap it was! It just feels great to be out and about again.

Sylvia, age 82

I am a very independent man. I’ve never been married and don’t have any children so have always been able to look after myself. So when my community nurse suggested I should talk to Sure Start, I was very unsure. When the lady came out to see me though she was lovely and explained she wasn’t going to take away my independence. She recommended I should try the Befriending Service.

I am so glad I did as the lady who comes to me has become a great friend. She takes me out to the shops each week and then we go out and have something to eat at the Evenwood. I would say if anyone was unsure, just to contact Sure Start and try it out, it’s been great for me.

Ron, age 87

As my uncle’s carer and as a family member I need to ensure that anyone who goes into his home or spends time with him is there for the right reasons.

Sure Start to Later Life has been brilliant for my uncle; the team can’t do enough for him. He is a fiercely independent 93 year old man  who really didn’t want any help. But eventually we persuaded him to try out the befriending service.

The lady that comes to visit my uncle has become a great friend not only to him, but to all of us in the family.

She is a lovely lady who cares very much. I would say that for anyone who feels that a family member over the age of 55 could benefit from meeting new people, then they should contact Sure Start. It has made a huge difference for my uncle’s life and could
do the same for someone you care about too.

Jeff, 43